Jean Marais

Drums/ Percussion

Jean Jacques Marais started performing at the age of twelve. Fast forward about ten years, and he had already played hundreds of live shows and recorded a number of singles, EPs and albums at studios in and around Cape Town. After graduating with a BA in Humanities from the University of Stellenbosch, Jean identified a gap in the local rehearsal space market, and in March 2010, Tunes Studio was founded. As owner and manager of this new rehearsal facility in Stellenbosch, he also continued drumming for various groups, collaborating with established musicians like Riaan Nieuwenhuis (former keyboardist for “Delta Blue”). Tunes Studio has subsequently diversified, developing into a true music one-stop, now offering two rehearsal rooms, professional recording, mixing and mastering, freelance musician services, music lessons, as well as music equipment and accessories. Both Mapex and Zildjian have been endorsing Jean since August 2015. In July 2016 Jean became drummer for the critically acclaimed singer/song writer, Riku Lätti. He quickly started performing with other artists who feature in Riku’s brainchild music production, “Die Wasgoedlyn”. These include well-known names like Bacchus Nel, Churchil Naudé and Frazer Barry. In the past five years Jean has also played for and collaborated with established artists like Albert Frost, Basson Laubscher, Piet Botha, David Kramer, Skallabrak, Hemelbesem, Rafentse, Hezron Chetty, Tuin Prinsloo, Jake Gunn, Johnny Deville and The Gambles.

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